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  Ricky Washington

Vice President:
  Bunny Mingo

 Inell Bone

Robert Boyd

Member at Large:
Glenn Hill

Property Manager:
Marty Becker

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 Good to Know Information 

WATER METERS – The water meter is the responsibility of the Association. It is stated in the Declaration for Witchduck Lakes Condominim.  It is stated in Deed Book 4337 page 357 section 4.2.3 under Utilities Facilities-- Waterlines from the meter to the house and sewerlines from the clean-out to the house, shall be maintained, repaired and replaced by the Unit owner, and the water meter and the supply line leading to it, and the sewer clean-out and the line from the clean-out to the line into which it flows shall be the responsibility of the Association.  

Water meters are good for about 5 to 7 years. So with that said, if you are noticing a larger than normal water bill your first step should be to check your toilets to make sure they are not running all the time. If that is not the case, you may have a faulty water meter and in that case, you will need to contact the property manager.  If by chance, you need a plumber, there are of course excellent plumbers in the area and you may already have one you trust, but in case you do not here is the contact information on the plumber.

American Mechanical, Inc.
President- John Cornett
the do plumbing/ heating, cooling and electrical
and they have a 24 hour emergency service.
Christy is in the plumbing department
Jude is in the electric
Carrie is in heating and air.

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