Homeowners FAQs

What are the phone numbers for local utilities?

  • Cox Communications  1-757-224-1111
  • Dominion Virginia Power  1-866-366-4357
  • Virginia Natural Gas 1-866-229-3578
       For gas leaks, call 1-877-572-3342
  • Verizon  1-800-837-4966

Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns?

What do I need to do if I want to make changes to my property?

  • If you want to make changes to your property, please complete the Architectural Review Form found on this website and submit it to the Architectural Review Committee

Where can I purchase vinyl siding to match the color of siding on my house?

What can be done about the parking situation?

  • Parking in WDL can be a challenge, too many cars and not enough driveways and garages.  If you feel a vehicle is violating the criteria listed below, take action by contacting the property management or a board member. Please provide basic infomation on the vehicle including LP #.
  • A vehicle may be towed when; blocking a fire lane or mail box, blocking a residence driveway, or appears to be abandoned.

    Who is responsible for the water meter and the pipe connecting to my home?

    • The Water Meter is the property of WDL.  This means if yours is damaged or leaking you will need to notify our Property Manager to have it replaced.
    • In the event there is a leak and it is located between the water meter and the residence it is the homeowner’s responsibility
    • If you notice water in your or your neighbor’s yard call our Property Manager immediately. Identifying water leaks early will save you and the community money.