Landscape Information

Once again, we have hired a new landscaping company to maintain our front yards and common areas.  Our new company’s name is Evergreen.  Below is a list of our contract specifications with Evergreen.  

Before addressing the board with a deficiency about the landscaping service, please read the specifications below to verify that landscaping service is contracted to perform what is being disputed.

The contractor shall perform, provide and furnish all of the labor, materials, necessary tools, equipment and all utility and transportation needed to perform and complete in a professional manner, the task cited below in connection with providing lawn maintenance services.
An experienced and qualified supervisor shall be on site during any lawn service.

All employees shall be decently attired and will wear company shirts at all times.

All turf areas will be mowed weekly beginning mid-March through October.  During the months of November through mid-March, turf areas will be mowed as needed not to exceed twice each month.  Evergreen will police grounds and remove litter prior to mowing and will check all areas to insure proper maintenance.

All turf areas will be trimmed with a monofilament trimmer to coincide with the mowing schedule to maintain a professional appearance.
i.e.  all street signs, light poles, fences, shrubs, trees and utility boxes

All sidewalks, driveways, curbing, flowers beds, and tree rings will be edged to coincide with the mowing schedule to ensure a neat and uniform appearance.

All curbing, sidewalks and driveways will be blown after each mowing.

Weed Control
Weed and grass growth to be removed from all beds, curbs and hard surface cracks and expansion joints.  Weeds larger than 2 inches – hand pulled; weeds smaller than 2 inches will be spot sprayed with Round-Up by a certified employee.
*A 4 – 5 inch dead zone to be maintained around building, fences, patios and other structures to lessen the incidents of damage caused by string trimmers.

All shrubs will be pruned as needed to maintain a neat appearance not to exceed four times yearly.  Pruning of trees higher than 8 feet will be done at an additional charge.

Leaf Removal
As necessary with each visit to the site during the fall and winter months.

Double shredded, treated hardwood mulch will be installed in beds and tree rings once per year.  Any additional mulch will be installed at a cost of $50.00 per yard.
Note:  Not responsible for removal of old/existing mulch

Annuals can be installed per your request at a cost of $5.00 per plant.

Aeration & Seeding
Priced upon request.

Turf Applications
Four turf applications for fertilization and crab-grass/broadleaf control either with pre-emergent or post-emergent control methods.  All pesticides will be applied by a State of Virginia commercial certified pesticide applicator.

Shrub Applications
Two shrub applications for fertilization, insect & disease control.  All pesticides will be applied by a State of Virginia commercial certified pesticide applicator.